Maison Croustiller

In the Maison Croustiller the key words are pleasure and simplicity. We have always known that simple vegetable sticks could one day become a delicacy. Light French fries with unequalled crispness, a melt-in-the-mouth heart, and above all, an authentic potato flavour.

Calling all gourmets, La Maison Croustiller is open, discover our menu here.

Maison Croustiller

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“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

Léonard de Vinci

Our Know-How

In our workshops, simplicity rhymes with exigency. We pick the potato directly from its field and have selected the tastiest variety. We slice it by hand, cook it meticulously and season it finely to sublimate its texture and flavour.

It is this rigorous blend of simple gestures, high standards and a touch of secrecy that constitutes the unique know-how of the Maison Croustiller.

«Of all passions, the most respectable passion seems to me to be gourmandise.»


Our History

Since its creation, the Maison Croustiller has had the greedy ambition to revolutionize the French fry and to give back to this delicacy its great place within the French cuisine.

From the Brussels fry barracks to the Christmas market in Lyon, via the Parisian balconies, embark with us on a very crispy adventure...