Our wager is successful! We have transformed a simple and popular accompaniment into an exquisite and crispy dish! Without revealing all of our research, we can confide in you that our French Fries were born from a subtle recipe and a unique artisanal process.

In our Lyon atelier, we carry out the entire transformation process of the raw potato, none of them will ever reach us peeled and even less cut! They come directly from our producer in Picardy.

“Of all passions, the most respectable passion seems to me to be gourmandise.”


From peeling to the final cooking and precise slicing by hand, we take care of every step, gradually transforming this surprising vegetable into a crispy, melt-in-the-mouth golden stick with an exquisite taste.

If we can't tell you the secret of our French Fries, know that at Croustiller, we will always do our best to amaze you with every bite of these savoury treats.

Calling all gourmets, the Crunchy French Fries are coming!

To your taste buds!